Baccalaureate degree granting programs can apply either for Capstone Major Certification (all students completing the major are required to complete a capstone experience) or Capstone Program Certification (at least 60% of students completing the major have an opportunity to complete a capstone experience). Regardless of which option is selected, the application and certification processes are the same:

  1. Submit an application to your Faculty Executive Committee and the Undergraduate Council that includes:
    • A cover letter that details the faculty involvement in reviewing and endorsing the application, including the vote to pursue certification.
    • The Capstone Information Form  – this is a fillable Word document.
  2. The Faculty Executive Committee reviews the application and submits the packet with their letter of endorsement to the Undergraduate Council.
  3. The Undergraduate Council’s Curriculum Committee then conducts the certification review and recommends to the Undergraduate Council either approval or request for additional information.
  4. Chair of council communicates review results to department or program.

Jen Hirashiki, Academic Coordinator for Shared Governance and Undergraduate Educational Initiatives, is available to answer questions and consult with faculty throughout the application process or to provide examples of successful applications.